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SubjectRe: All-singing all-dancing Makefiles: alpha patch
On Feb 11, 1997, Michael Elizabeth Chastain wrote:
> Hello kernel hackers,
> I have an alpha version of my all-singing all-dancing Makefiles:
> <>
> Here are some highlights:

------------snip, snip, snip------------

> And here are some things not done yet:
> only architecture is i386
> no drivers/sound yet
> no genksyms

While you are at it, how about supporting all architectures with a
config option to select your CPU type. I can envision a page in
menuconfig to pick your CPU, with nice options for 386, 486, AMD 5x86,
AMD K5, AMD K6, Cyrix 586, Cyrix 686, Intel Pentium, Intel PentiumPro,
Intel Pentium SMP, Intel PentiumPro SMP, Alpha, SPARC, m68k, Power PC,
Human Brain, or whatever... It is silly that we currently have to edit
the makefiles to select this stuff. This would also put an end to the
endless "What is the best setting for my [CPU NAME HERE]?" questions.

On an unrelated subject, what ever happened to your mega patch to move
about and adjust the cdrom include files? I was waiting on your patch
before I did a cdrom.h/ucdrom.h cleanup, but then your patch never
went in... I was also going to also review the proprietary drivers to
ensure they use the same ioctls as the generic CD driver. I hope you
do put your patch in, because the Linux include directory could use an
overhaul to remove some of the mostly redundant cdrom includes. The
whole include directory could probably stand a bit of an overhaul, since
glibc6 will be much more independent from the kernel include stuff.


Erik B. Andersen Web:
2485 South State St. email: or
Springville, Ut 84663 phone: (801) 489-1231
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