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    SubjectRe: IDE Disk Problems

    > We are running Linux Redhat 3.0.3 (1.2.13 kernel) using Cyrix 586.
    > We have lost one Western Digital Caviar 31600 (1.6GB) IDE drive and
    > one WD Caviar (700MB) IDE drive. Now, when I say lost, I mean that when
    > the system is rebooted, the disk sounds like it is physcially broke. There
    > is a periodic clanging noise, as if one of the drive components is
    > actually damaged. At this point, we don't get past the BIOS.
    > These two drives ran for approximately one month each
    > before dieing. Prior to this, we noticed in our system messages:
    > kernel: hdb: read_intr: status=0x4b { DriveRead DataRequest Index Error }
    > " " read_intr: error=0x04 { Drive Status Error}
    > " ide0: do_ide_reset: success
    > Now, my question is, can (or is it remotely possible) linux be
    > writing something out to the WD IDE drives to break the drive. The
    > analogy being, that you can write to a video controller and cause
    > damage to a monitor. One of our people have suggested that Linux is
    > writing to sector 0 of the WD IDE drive.

    I had the same _exact_ problem with an 810M drive. It was because the
    drive was a piece of junk. I know many people who have had similar
    problems, even on non-linux machines, with Western Digital drives.
    I imagine their testing labs used the equivalent of a DOS box to test

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