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SubjectRe: Phillips CDR
Flippie Spies enscribed thusly:

> Sorry if this is the wrong list.
> Is there support for the Phillips cdd2000 drive.
> I've looked in the linux/Documentation/cdrom/00-INDEX but I do not see any
> support for a writable cd drive.

Yes. I use two of them. They are "big brothers" of the cdd52?.
They have a 1Meg cache that makes them quite reliable. The only problem
I had with cdwrite was a "noisy" error message after fixation, where
cdwrite does another synchronize cache. The comments around the call
indicate that it's probably not necessary, but does no harm. I don't know
about other drives, but it's not necessary and generates an ugly error
message when done cutting a CD with the cdd2000. I deleted the code.

There is a new one out now, the cdd2600, which is 6x playback
and 2x record. Got no experience with that puppy.

At this point, I've cut something in the range of over 450 CD's
between the two drives and only lost one due to underrun. While I was
cutting the CD, I was copying another CD from an IDE CD to a staging
area on another part of the same IDE hard drive. One of the engineers
who works for me part time called in on a modem and cranked up a PPP
connection. That final straw proved to be just a little too much. But
that's pretty impressive that it took that much to cause it to drop a
CD... (Oh yeah - I was running X-Windows with over a dozen X-terminal
connections with ssh running to various other systems at our facility too).

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