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SubjectRe: unofficial pcmcia patch for 2.1.25

Strange things happen,
once I got three pings through, 5 secs, 4 secs and 3 secs respectivly,
then the machine locked.

Once I even could initiate a telnet session, but I couldn't reproduce

Some more details, maybe they're helpful...
Whenever I insert the pcmcia ethernet card, I'll get an arp entry for
the laptop that looks like

Address HW type HW address Flags Mask UNSPEC 00:00:00:00:00:00 MP *

Removing or overwriting it with correct data is not possible.

FWIW, here's a tcpdump of the problems wit a 3c589 pcmcia
ethernet card and 2.1.26

Winpc is a desktop machine, ist the laptop. They are in the
same Class-C

-- 12:53:59.327144 arp who-has winpc.rfc tell
This request already takes around 2-5 secs to show up after starting
telnet (with an ip address, no dns timeout here...)

-- 12:53:59.327144 arp reply winpc.rfc is-at 0:80:c6:3:34:30
-- 12:53:59.327144 > winpc.rfc.telnet: S
1644334388:1644334388(0) win 512 <mss 1460>
That moment the laptop locks.
-- 12:53:59.327144 winpc.rfc.telnet > S
498718479:498718479(0) ack 1644334389 win 31744 <mss 1460>
-- 12:53:59.327144 > winpc.rfc.telnet: R
1644334389:1644334389(0) win 0

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