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SubjectRe: [masq] 1st virus in Linux :( (fwd)
On 7 Feb 1997, david parsons wrote:

> I'm not a spokesman for McAfee, just the person who ported Virus Scan
> to Linux, but I didn't read the press release like that at all. (The
> release even mentions that McAfee produces antiviral products for a
> large wad of operating systems, including Linux.) All it says is that
> this particular virus doesn't run on other platforms, and it certainly
> doesn't even come anywhere close to implying that MS operating systems
> are not susceptable to virii.
> ____
> david parsons \bi/
> \/
Just strange that there is no CERT advisory released on this issue - I
would accept CERT info more readily than I would from a vendor trying to
sell me software. The info on the page is quite inacurate - they claim:
1) most people in the Unix industry believe virii is not a concern of the
UNIX industry and 2) only mentiones The Intel platform. Trojans are part
of UNIX almost since it's start - take a look at the CERT advisories.
Also I think it is a know fact that Linux currently runs on SPARC, 680x0,
ppc, axp, etc. It is not stated that only the Intel version is infected
and it does not describe the infection method.

It is quite difficult in the DOOM network protocol to start executables if
the executable is not infected/modified in the first place. These claims
sounds to me like a hoax. I'll rather wait for the CERT advisory - if it
appears at all, wich I doubt.

Tnx & Bi
Bennie Venter

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