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SubjectWhat's this?

just got this:

Feb 9 23:20:17 xtalk ntpdate[21481]: adjust time server offset 0.035807 sec
Feb 9 23:20:54 xtalk kernel: Exception at [<c0109f59>] (c01c56fc)
Feb 9 23:26:24 xtalk named[88]: sysquery: findns error (2) on

System works flawlessly, just wondering how can I interpret this.

ttyp3 /archives# cat /proc/ksyms | grep c0109
c0109a84 dump_thread
c0109a30 dump_fpu
c01093d0 disable_hlt
c01093d8 enable_hlt
c0109504 hard_reset_now
ttyp3 /archives# cat /proc/ksyms | grep c01c5
c01c56d4 sprintf
c01c52b0 vsprintf
c01c5028 simple_strtoul
ttyp3 /archives#

My configuration: AMD K5-PR90, 32M, NCR SCSI, 2.1.26.
Best regards, -- Boris.

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