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SubjectStaog virus

I haven't paid any attention to the virus scene for quite a while
but the Bliss thing got me wondering. Found this at datafellows
site, if anyone is interested. Doesn't look to me like being a
Linux virus writer has any long term career opportunities.


NAME: Staog
SIZE: 4744

This virus spreads only under Linux operating system, infecting
Elf-style executables. Found in the fall of 1996, Staog is the
first known Linux virus.

Staog is written in assembler. It attempts to stay resident and
infect binaries as they are executed by any user. Stoag tries to
subvert root access via three known vulnerabilities (mount buffer
overflow, tip buffer overflow and one suidperl bug).

Staog contains several text strings, including:

Staog by Quantum / VLAD
/sbin/dip /tmp/t.dip
#!/bin/sh\nchmod 666 /dev/kmem\n/tmp/hs
#!/usr/bin/suidperl -U\n$ENV{PATH}=\"/bin:/usr/bin\";
\n$>=0;$<=0;\nexec(\"chmod 666 /dev/kmem\");\n

VLAD is an Australian virus group, which also wrote the first Windows
95 virus, Boza.

Staog can be detected by searching all binaries for the following hex
search string:


Staog is not known to be in the wild at the time of this writing
(February 1997).

[Analysis: Mikko Hypponen, Data Fellows Ltd's F-PROT Pro Support]

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