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SubjectRe: CD jukeboxes
On  6 Feb 97 at 21:27, Gerd Knorr wrote:

> Both IDE and SCSI cdrom drivers use the generic cdrom driver, that's
> all. I don't think it is useful (or even possible) to have some
> common changer code for IDE and SCSI, becauce there is one important
> difference:
> - SCSI changers do the changer stuff completely in _hardware_. From
> kernel's
> point of view, there is no difference between a 6x changer and 6
> single cdrom drives (except that 6 single drives are faster...).
> - IDE changers are different: the kernel sees one cdrom drive which
> has some
> extra commands for changing CD's. The IDE driver would have to do
> all the changer stuff in _software_, if he wants present a 3x
> changer with one device for each slot. Not impossible, but this
> is'nt a 5-min-hack...

But, it would not do any harm to bring the _software_ changer stuff
into the generic model so if there were any SCSI jukeboxes that
appeared as one device, like IDE (I don't think there are) they could
use the same changer code. Also, as mentioned by Hugo van den Berg,
the 32bit Windows act that way - creating virtual devices for each of
the slots and emulating SCSI changers.

Magnus Hiie
Computer Manager
Eesti Ekspress
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GSM: +372 50 57507

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