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SubjectRe: tty_io.c - kbd input
I'm trying to implement a text-to-speech screen reader for linux.
I need to implement a handler in tty_write() (OR con_write(), OR
WHEREVER...) to send the character buffer to the audio device so
it gets spoken. Also, I need to send any keyboard input from the
shell to the audio device as well. This is where it gets tricky...
Some messages get written to the console character-by-character;
i.e. "login:" - I don't want the audio to be "L - O - G - I - N",
I want it to say "LOGIN". However I DO want to speak any chars
typed from the keyboard. I just can't test on "tty_write()"'s
count parameter to have a value of 1 - not good enough. I was
hoping there was a macro I could call, or some bitmask I could
use to test the presence of a char. delivered from the keyboard
interrupt. Judging by your response I'm way off base - which is
fine, I'm just trying to find my way around in the kernel to
see what I can and can't do. I am unaware of any "abstraction
barriers" I am violating by asking such questions. If you could
point me in the right direction of any design issues, philopsophies,
or abstractions pertaing to the linux kernel which might be on the
web I would greatly appeciate it. I've looked at the LDP and KHG
and couldn't find any explanation of Console I/O handling. Right
now, the only thing I have helping me understand this is the
source code in ./drivers/char/*.c and their respective include files.

Thanks for your reply,


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