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SubjectRE: Kernel Patches for Slackware

On 09-Feb-97 PALMER JOHN wrote:
>Well I have Kernel 2.0.0
>but I also have tons of patches for the kernel.. I just can not
>figure out how to put in the patches...

E-Mail: Meino Christian Cramer <>
Date: 10-Feb-97
Time: 17:58:21

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High John!

Do the following:

1.) Put the complete source of your to /usr/src/linux/*
(This could be done by a symbolic link, if your partition is
full... ;-)

2.) cd /usr/src
cp <path of patch>/patch-2.*gz .
(Either the hacker-kernel-tree-patches or the user

3.) Look for the correct sequence of patches, I can't remember
the whole series... :*)

4.) Then:
gzip -d <first-patch> | patch -p0
cd /usr/src/linux
make mrproper
cd -
gzip -d <second-patch> | patch -p9

and so on.

make mrproper isn't really necessary after each single step,
but it keeps your partition less filled with *.orig-files.

5.) After all this:
cd /usr/src/linux

Search for "ln -s". You will find the instructions for making
some symbolic links which are necessary for compiling not
only the kernel but many other sources.

7.) start X, cd /usr/src/linux, make xconfig


7.) DONT start X, cd /usr/src/linux, make menuconfig or make config

8.) Choose the right options for your box, don't include feature
as modules which are vital used while booting.

9.) Save your configurattion

10.) Leave the configuration.
( make dep; make clean; make zImage; make modules; \
make modules_install ) > MAKELOG 2>&1; tail -f MAKELOG
11.) Have a tea......
12.) Have a tea......
13.) Have a tea......
14.) After the compile process stops, press CTRL-C to stop tail.
15.) cd/usr/src/linux/arch/i386/boot/
(I suppose you have an Intel-PC???)

17.) edit /etc/linux.conf and add a new kernel image entry
18.) execute lilo
19.) Wathc the output for errors.
21.) Check for informations, what
programs you need to update before using the new kernel.
Especially if you are using the hacker kernel (2.1.x)
22.) DONT INSTALL libc and similiar libraries on a running
system. It WILL hang. Instead use boot disks!
(I know, what I am talking about :-(

23.) After installing the programs, reboot. At the LILO-
prompt enter the name of your new kernel (label entry
in lilo.conf)

24.) If it works: HAVE FUN!
If it dont work: Additionally HAVE AN IDEA WHAT GOES WRONG! ;-)

25.) At last: Forgive me for using my crude english -- it's not my
mother's tongue....

26.) If you have questions: use my email adress ;-)

At last: You have a backup and bootdisks handy?

...who dances with modems...

Build an operating system, even a fool can use --
and no one else will use it...

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