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SubjectRe: Bliss virius
On Sat, 8 Feb 1997, Timothy Peters wrote:

> I have one or two idears on this
> a) add a patch to the a.out of elf loader that can detect if the virus
> is present and prevent it from running

That stinks of kernel bloat ... What if, under Windows or DOS,
everytime you ran an executable, McAfee's automagically came up and ran a
scan. Perhaps having such a thing specifically for BLISS wouldn't be bad,
but what happens when there are a thousand virii for Linux? Remember that
BLISS is only a proof of concept, it shows that Linux virii *CAN* exist.
Now that this is out, there will be a hundred by April, a thousand by next
year. This is a bad precedent to set ...

> b) develope a free virus scanner for linux that can detect viri like
> bliss and allert the operator
> c)stress the need for good security

Much better alternatives. McAfee has one, but it chokes when you
run it from / recursively, b/c it doesn't play well with symlinks ...

What it comes down to is the lack of security. A unix operating
system is very, very secure if it is maintained correctly to be secure.
Too many people believe they are secure b/c they are running a unix
operating system, even though they are always logged in as root and don't
know what 'sudo' does ...


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