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SubjectRe: 2.1.75 breaks dhcpcd
>> > But if he can get some type of positive feedback that that client has
>> > AT LEAST configured his interface appropriately for a bootp request,
>> > (ping it from another machine on the same segment, then observe the MAC
>> > address that comes back) he will know that :
>> > A: - at least the NIC in the client is functional.
>> > B: - the IP stack in the client is also functional enough to talk ICMP
>> > C: - the wiring from the client to his local segment is not the problem.
>> D. That the machine he is booting is faulty.
>> Responding to can start all sorts of storms with old boxes, its
>> an extremely bad idea. I don't want Linux to be the box that brought down
>> some big network in a packet storm.

>Maybe configuring interface to some well-known strange address (just
>register one computer, never use its IP and publish it as well-known
>strange address?) would provide same functionality for admins without
> strangeness. What do you think?

Why not just let the site administrator pick an address for this? There
are millions of private IP addresses that they could choose from...

In return for "mailbag contention" errors from buggy Exchange
servers I'll set my mail server to refuse mail from your domain.
The same response applies when a message to a postmaster
account bounces.
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