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SubjectOverclocking PCI / UNIX95 compliance
On Thu, 25 Dec 1997, Gerard Roudier wrote:
> The clock speed is IMO the only relevant information that may have
> any interest for the kernel. Use your preferred benchmark to know how
> your processor performs against other ones.
> BTW, people who are using Cyrix PR200+ at 166MHz clock and so at 83 MHz
> external clock and 41.5 MHz PCI clock are using a processor that performs
> as a chip breaker. A processor that requires the user to overclock PCI
> controllers and most of the time motherboard components is not serious IMO.

I'll pick a little nit here... If a motherboard claims to be PCI-2.1
compliant, it is _SUPPOSED_ to be able to handle a PCI clock up to 66MHz,
ditto for cards. It's not anyone's fault if manufacturers lie... My
cheap little TXPro (VIA Apollo-I) board claims PCI-2.1 compliance, but yet
will not accept some PCI cards (CPU's too close to slot) and will not go
above 33 MHz on the PCI bus... I'm not to worried about it because it's
being moved to the windows machine soonish and getting replaced by a
FIC-2012 with a K6...

On the subject of UNIX95 compliance: Has anyone looked into what needs to
be done in order to meet the requirements? I'll be glad to donate time
AND money!

Merry Christmas!

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