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    Subjectskpush:under: <ip_send_room>:373 in 2.0.31+anti-teardrop
    Hi All

    I got 2 kernel panics in 2 days, both with the same error:

    Kernel panic: skpush:under:00142b90:373
    In swapper task - not syncing

    (except this morning's it was 00142b90:733) tells me 00142b0c is ip_send_room

    I have attached the output of ojbdump --disassemble --start-address
    0x00142b00 --stop-address 0x00142bFF /usr/src/linux/vmlinux > OBJdump.out

    kernel version is: Linux version 2.0.31 (kemner@mercury) (gcc version #1 Fri Nov 14 18:49:48 WST 1997

    The sytem in question (mercury) is our web/mail server which also allows
    telnet/ftp access to our users.
    The same system has been very stable with 2.0.29 - uptime usually was over
    65 days at a time. The only reason I upgraded was to patch against
    teardrop the night I got route's message on bugtraq.

    I am compiling 2.0.33 now.

    If you need any more info, please ask.

    - Matt Kemner
    System Administrator/BOFH "Words are too feeble,
    Networx Internet they cannot contain"
    (08) 9 345 3377 Live, "Stage"

    /usr/src/linux/vmlinux: file format elf32-i386

    Disassembly of section .text:
    00142b00 <ip_send+120> decl %ebx
    00142b01 <ip_send+121> incl %eax
    00142b02 <ip_send+122> movl %edx,%eax
    00142b04 <ip_send+124> popl %ebx
    00142b05 <ip_send+125> popl %esi
    00142b06 <ip_send+126> popl %edi
    00142b07 <ip_send+127> popl %ebp
    00142b08 <ip_send+128> ret
    00142b09 <ip_send+129> leal 0x0(%esi),%esi
    00142b0c <ip_send_room> pushl %ebp
    00142b0d <ip_send_room+1> pushl %edi
    00142b0e <ip_send_room+2> pushl %esi
    00142b0f <ip_send_room+3> pushl %ebx
    00142b10 <ip_send_room+4> movl 0x18(%esp,1),%ebx
    00142b14 <ip_send_room+8> movl 0x20(%esp,1),%edx
    00142b18 <ip_send_room+c> xorl %eax,%eax
    00142b1a <ip_send_room+e> movl 0x24(%esp,1),%ecx
    00142b1e <ip_send_room+12> movl %ecx,0x20(%ebx)
    00142b21 <ip_send_room+15> movb $0x1,0x63(%ebx)
    00142b25 <ip_send_room+19> movw $0x8,0x6c(%ebx)
    00142b2b <ip_send_room+1f> addl $0x20,0x80(%ebx)
    00142b32 <ip_send_room+26> addl $0x20,0x84(%ebx)
    00142b39 <ip_send_room+2d> cmpl $0x0,0xbc(%ecx)
    00142b40 <ip_send_room+34> je 00142c24 <ip_send_room+118>
    00142b46 <ip_send_room+3a> cmpl $0x0,0x14(%esp,1)
    00142b4b <ip_send_room+3f> je 00142bf4 <ip_send_room+e8>
    00142b51 <ip_send_room+45> movl 0x14(%esp,1),%esi
    00142b55 <ip_send_room+49> cmpl %ecx,0x24(%esi)
    00142b58 <ip_send_room+4c> jne 00142bf4 <ip_send_room+e8>
    00142b5e <ip_send_room+52> cmpl $0x0,0x20(%esi)
    00142b62 <ip_send_room+56> je 00142bf4 <ip_send_room+e8>
    00142b68 <ip_send_room+5c> movzwl 0x42(%ecx),%edx
    00142b6c <ip_send_room+60> subl %edx,0x80(%ebx)
    00142b72 <ip_send_room+66> addl %edx,0x30(%ebx)
    00142b75 <ip_send_room+69> movl 0x7c(%ebx),%eax
    00142b78 <ip_send_room+6c> cmpl %eax,0x80(%ebx)
    00142b7e <ip_send_room+72> jae 00142b90 <ip_send_room+84>
    00142b80 <ip_send_room+74> pushl %edx
    00142b81 <ip_send_room+75> pushl $0x142b90
    00142b86 <ip_send_room+7a> pushl $0x18ce7c
    00142b8b <ip_send_room+7f> call 001135b8 <panic>
    00142b90 <ip_send_room+84> movl 0x24(%esp,1),%edi
    00142b94 <ip_send_room+88> movzwl 0x42(%edi),%eax
    00142b98 <ip_send_room+8c> movl 0x14(%esp,1),%ecx
    00142b9c <ip_send_room+90> movl 0x20(%ecx),%ebp
    00142b9f <ip_send_room+93> addl $0xf,%ebp
    00142ba2 <ip_send_room+96> movl %eax,%edx
    00142ba4 <ip_send_room+98> shrl $0x2,%edx
    00142ba7 <ip_send_room+9b> movl %edx,%ecx
    00142ba9 <ip_send_room+9d> movl 0x80(%ebx),%edi
    00142baf <ip_send_room+a3> movl %ebp,%esi
    00142bb1 <ip_send_room+a5> cld
    00142bb2 <ip_send_room+a6> repz movsl %ds:(%esi),%es:(%edi)
    00142bb4 <ip_send_room+a8> testb $0x2,%al
    00142bb6 <ip_send_room+aa> je 00142bba <ip_send_room+ae>
    00142bb8 <ip_send_room+ac> movsw %ds:(%esi),%es:(%edi)
    00142bba <ip_send_room+ae> testb $0x1,%al
    00142bbc <ip_send_room+b0> je 00142bbf <ip_send_room+b3>
    00142bbe <ip_send_room+b2> movsb %ds:(%esi),%es:(%edi)
    00142bbf <ip_send_room+b3> movl 0x14(%esp,1),%ecx
    00142bc3 <ip_send_room+b7> movl 0x20(%ecx),%eax
    00142bc6 <ip_send_room+ba> cmpb $0x0,0xe(%eax)
    00142bca <ip_send_room+be> je 00142bdc <ip_send_room+d0>
    00142bcc <ip_send_room+c0> movl 0x24(%esp,1),%esi
    00142bd0 <ip_send_room+c4> movzwl 0x42(%esi),%eax
    00142bd4 <ip_send_room+c8> popl %ebx
    00142bd5 <ip_send_room+c9> popl %esi
    00142bd6 <ip_send_room+ca> popl %edi
    00142bd7 <ip_send_room+cb> popl %ebp
    00142bd8 <ip_send_room+cc> ret
    00142bd9 <ip_send_room+cd> leal 0x0(%esi),%esi
    00142bdc <ip_send_room+d0> movb $0x0,0x63(%ebx)
    00142be0 <ip_send_room+d4> movl 0x1c(%esp,1),%edi
    00142be4 <ip_send_room+d8> movl %edi,0x40(%ebx)
    00142be7 <ip_send_room+db> movl 0x24(%esp,1),%ecx
    00142beb <ip_send_room+df> movzwl 0x42(%ecx),%eax
    00142bef <ip_send_room+e3> popl %ebx
    00142bf0 <ip_send_room+e4> popl %esi
    00142bf1 <ip_send_room+e5> popl %edi
    00142bf2 <ip_send_room+e6> popl %ebp
    00142bf3 <ip_send_room+e7> ret
    00142bf4 <ip_send_room+e8> pushl %edx
    00142bf5 <ip_send_room+e9> pushl $0x0
    00142bf7 <ip_send_room+eb> pushl $0x0
    00142bf9 <ip_send_room+ed> pushl $0x800
    00142bfe <ip_send_room+f2> movl 0x34(%esp,1),%esi
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