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SubjectRe: NFS problem in 2.0.32
Date (Alan Cox) writes:

> Suns send huge (8K) fragmented datagramns by default. Tell the sun to use
> 1K when mounting off linux and it will fly along much more happily

I guess I should have mentioned this, but I have tried setting
rsize/wsize to 1024 (as well as 8192, which incidentally works lovely
the other way) to no avail. Or did you mean something else?

I also have looked at the mtu settings in ifconfig (-a on the Sun),
which are 1500 - somebody thought that might be an issue, any opinions?

I feel I should stress this is not just a performance issue, simple
operations take hideously long, and some large ones fail completely. dd
from /dev/zero to a file took 13 minutes, before the process crashed
after about four megs.

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