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SubjectRe: pre-2.0.32...
On Fri, 7 Nov 1997, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> as I haven't seen much noise about 31 brokenness and fixing that up, I
> put together my personal pre-32 patch and put it on (in the
> usual place: pub/linux/kernel/testing). I hoped that others (Doug?) would
> have picked up the 2.0.x series, but that failing I hope to at least do a
> minimal band-aid.
> How does my pre-32 look to people?

This patch is broken in fs/locks.c:

+ /* The new lock breaks the old one in two pieces,
+ * so we have to use the second new lock (in this
+ * case, even F_UNLCK may fail!).
missing the '*/' here ---------|

+ left = locks_init_lock(new_fl2, right);
locks_insert_lock(before, left);
+ new_fl2 = NULL;

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