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SubjectProblem in 2.1.62 .... Trying to free free buffer (??????)
Since my computer would not reboot if I turn it off for too long I leave it
on 24hrs a day. This morning as I checked for something on my hard disk I
had several weird messages (full screen mode)

kmem-free: Either bad obj addr or double free (Objp=c0e77800,name=size-2048)

VFS: brelse: Trying to free free buffer.

This happened on an idle computer, no one has done anything on it since
last night. This was repeated several times and it doesn't bring the prompt
until you press on CR.

In 2.1.59 I had those as well when the computer was idle and at random times
when running applications or calling the man pages.

I don't know where to look, does anyone have an idea?
The message doesn't tell me which app or part of the kernel has a problem.

On another subject, I get tons of errors when it boots. Linux complains
that it can't find the module for slip which I didn't include in the kernel,
I use PPP. It wants apple and a few other which I didn't include either.
Yes I did the make modules and make modules_install.

Aside from that it seems to work ok, at least it runs faster than it did
with 2.1.59, a lot faster. The compile under 2.0.30 was bad though, I started
it and went to bed around midnight, the next morning I looked at the time
of the image and it was 4:20. It was taking an hour in the days of the
1.9 version and I had 320MB of HD and 4 Meg of RAM with 10MB swap. Is GCC
going downhill? The kernel doesn't look 4 times larger or am I mistaken.

This is on 486DX/33Mhz in a Dell Precision with 24MB of RAM, 124MB of swap
2.3G hard disks (1.2G WD for OS/2 and Dos and 1.1G Seagate for Linux.)

Also it complains about variables that can't be found or something or the
sort for the module BSD compression.

Michel Catudal Team OS/2 USA member
Proud OS/2 and Linux user
Software for Linux, OS/2 and Win as well as humor and food ideas

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