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SubjectRe: SMBFS & 2.1.62 (patch attached)
Steve Clark wrote:

> I guess I only did a "make" instead of a "make zImage" and was using my previous kernel. This what I saw this time with your
> patch REALLY installed. I guess this would be simpler for me if I made smbfs a module.

> Tried test again with different filename
> $ echo "abcacacacacacac" >/tiger/test2
> Nov 6 16:42:10 pc-sec kernel: smb_proc_create: //test2 created, fileid=401
> $ ls -l /tiger/test2
> -rwxrwxrwx 1 sec users 16 Nov 6 16:42 /tiger/test2*
> Everything looks good.
> Now try WFW share again still a problem with new filename.
> $ echo "abcacacacacacac" >/e_in_lab/test2
> Nov 6 16:42:41 pc-sec kernel: smb_proc_create: //test2 created, fileid=107
> Nov 6 16:42:41 pc-sec kernel: smb_proc_open: //test2 open failed, error=-26, retrying R/O
> $ ls -l /e_in_lab/test2
> -rwxrwxrwx 1 sec users 0 Nov 6 16:50 /e_in_lab/test2*
> Note: file size is zero.

Hi Steve,

My theory is wrong, the close after the create isn't causing the
problem. I'm going to put the code back the way it was.

I'll look for another cause of the mystery error code.


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