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SubjectRE: SMBFS & 2.1.62

Same results here, with Win95 and WFW 3.11.
Using gcc- on an AMD K6-233 64mb and IDE drives, DEC 21041 Tulip
ethernet card.

-------- On Wed, 5 Nov 1997, Steve Clark wrote:
> I have ran into the following problem trying to use 2.1.62 and smbfs
> with both Win95 and WFW 3.11:
> If I copy a text file from my linux system to either of the above
> platforms and the target filename does not already exist, the file is
> copied but I receive and EIO error from the cp command. If I immediately
> try to do the same thing again I get the EIO error but now the length of
> the destination file is ZERO.
> This means if I try to edit an existing file on the smbfs, when I try to
> save the file is truncated to a zero length!
Ray O'Connor <> <>

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