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SubjectCPU Speed


I am trying to get a value for the CPU speed (Hz) that is accurate to
less than 0.1%. I need this value for perfmon- my profiling tool that
uses two special profiling registers in the Pentium and PPro. You can
time a loop, or sleep for a while and count CPU clicks- but the time
taken in a task switch does not guarantee a highly accurate (and
reproducible) CPU speed. I need to determine this speed at run time
(it is used to compute OPS/second). I hope this is the right venue in
which to ask this question.



M. Patrick Goda W: (505)667-5386
Los Alamos National Laboratory H: (505)989-4506
Theoretical Astrophysics, T-6 MS B288
Los Alamos, NM 87545
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