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SubjectRe: SMBFS & 2.1.62 (patch attached)
Steve Clark wrote:
> I removed my patch mapping ERRDOS 50 to errno 0 and applied your patch. Voila! it fixed the problem I had been experiencing.
> I did not get any syslog messages though, I was a little confused about your comment about printing the fileid.

Hi Steve,

My patch should have printed out the fileid after creating the file,
even if it's 0. Could you check and be sure your modules got updated,
and that a new one was loaded? (Do an lsmod and rmmod smbfs if

Another person reports there's still a problem with Win 95, so I need to
check further.

> There is another problem that I discovered it has to do with have the READ-ONLY attribute set on the Win95 or WFW3.11 file.
> On my linux system ls shows rwxrwxrwx for permissions. But if I try to update the file I get an errno-13 file access error.
> Is it possible for the ls command to show the file as read-only?

Yes, ls is supposed to show the correct attributes, to the extent that
they can be mapped to the Unix way. I'll take a look and see how it's
handling that.

Do you have the CONFIG_SMB_WIN95 option set? It affects how attributes
are requested for Win 95.


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