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Subjectdo_tty_hangup warning

I couldn't find reference to this problem from the list but I vaguely
remember that these were showing up when folks moved to 2.0 without
updating some utilities. (libc, init, ...?) I was very surprised to
see this one in my console since I have been using 2.0.X for a long
time without seeing these:

Nov 6 20:27:17 pasuuna kernel: Warning: dev (04:c5) tty->count(1) != #fd's(2) in do_tty_hangup

(is that /dev/tty5 ?)

I don't remember doing anything at the time that would cause that to
happen. (I was using X, maybe I closed/opened a xterm, dunno)

Right now I'm running 2.0.31 kernel and 5.4.36 libc. Sorry if it's a
userland problem.

Samuli Kaski,
Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki, Finland.

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