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SubjectRe: ICMP Forwarding [patch available]
On Tue, 4 Nov 1997, Robert L Harris wrote:

> Ok,
> This is getting silly. I'm running 2.1.62 now. I have IP forwarding
> enabled. My firewall is working great and so is Masq. The problem is
> that ICMP forwarding is failing. I've been told I need to compile it
> in. I can't find any place to enable it (I've looked pretty hard too).
> I've been told it's a module. I've been told it's not a module.
2.1.62 has no masq ICMP support.
I've upgraded and enhanced 2.1.x masquerading (almost sync-ing with
There is a patch i posted to linux-net about 3 days ago, thats (re)adds:
- AUTOFW, PORTFW modules
- other cleanups and fixes (AUTOFW oops)

You can browse to
steal such mail or just e-mail me directly (hope soon have some webspace).


-- Juanjo
Yo don't need an hologram to know...
Nor you need to sell your brain to anyone.
Yo can feel it. It's Linux.

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