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SubjectAMD K5
Linus Torvalds wrote:

> > Ok,
> > as people have noticed, 2.0.31 isn't the greatest kernel ever: it works

I still have that INVLPG problem on my K5 system.

The symptoms are gcc -pipe and communicator hanging during
compilation/startup (gcc without pipe works!).

Am I the only one who experiences such mysteriously failing
programs on a K5, or is everyone using kernels compiled for
386 on the K5?

When I compile the kernel so that it uses INV instead of INVLPG,
everything works fine. So it's either a bug in how Linux uses
INVLPG, or it is a CPU bug. Since an Intel P5 does not experience
the problem in a similarly equipped system, I suspect the latter.

So if I'm not the only one with that problem, I think it should be
documented at least. Unfortunately I don't have a small test case
which could make it into a runtime check.

So I'd like to get feedback from other K5 owners
if the have similar problems or not, and what kernel configurations
they use.


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