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Dear linux kernel hackers,

On my way to getting the 2.1.6x ufs (read-only) driver to work at all
(broken with the new dentry thingy), I've fixed a few bugs on my patch.
Please 2.1 ufs would-be users try my patch and send me feedback!
[NB: it still works better than the non-compiling driver in mainstream kernel]
[NB2: my lamest bug was to forget a ! in ufs_namei.c, just before d_add:
if(/* here--> */!/* <--here */inode) { return -EACCES; }]

ufs needs the byteorder patch on the same directory.
byteorder just had a small fix for m68k users, who had swab16 and swab32
redundantly defined in asm-m68k/bitops.h.
byteorder patch is stable.
ufs* and byteorder*, either as .patch.gz or .tgz

PS: I don't have access to much ufs partitions to test the driver.
Could kind souls send me ufs-formatted floppy images of various flavours
(bytesex and originating OS)?

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