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SubjectRe: Linux-2.1.62..

[edited in an attempt to make it sane]
On 04-Nov-97 James Mastros wrote:
> On Mon, 3 Nov 1997, Linus Torvalds wrote:
>> But what I _would_ like to see is patches in my mailbox that have been
>> tested - I follow the kernel mailing lists very spottily, so sending the
>> patches to the mailing list does not mean they reach me. I still encourage
>> people to do that (that's what the mailing list is there for), but please
>> consider that a "testing phase", to then later send the patches to me
>> personally...

>> Also, final comment: if you _have_ sent patches to me, and they didn't
>> show up in a kernel and you heard nothing back about why they didn't show
>> up, please don't despair - re-send them instead (possibly with a longer
>> explanation of why you want them in the standard kernel).
>> I'm afraid that
>> some of my mail does tend to disappear: not because of unreliable email
>> per se, but simply because I get a lot of it and if I'm busy doing
>> something else I often overlook email I shouldn't overlook (but once it's
>> been overlooked I -very- seldom have time to go back to old email).

> You might want to make a folder of kernel-patches to take a look at
> when you get a half-second (such as when you are waiting for a compile...
> Assuming that you're still using a computer that takes non-negitive time to
> compile.)

To that end, perhaps if people who send patches to you make the subject
"LINUX KERNEL PATCH <foo driver>" or something, then you could procmail
(or whatever) them to an suitable mailbox. Making it easier for you to
do what James suggested, above.

Would that be a good idea? If so, yell and let us know what the procmail
rule is, so we can all use it :-)

Mike Bristow -

Let's send the Russians defective lifestyle accessories!

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