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SubjectRe: Linux on Merced
I have been following this discussion for a while, and its quite
interesting. I had a conversation with an HP engineer the other
day that you all might find interesting. We were talking about
assembly language programming, and he told me that it was
effectively impossible for people to write assembler for Merced.
Apparently the compiler is responsible for keeping track of a lot
of the CPU state information, and its a very complex process.
A lot of the work HP has done on Merced has been to
make their compilers good enough so that there is no need to
write in assembler.

What I assume this means for Linux is that the challenging part
of the port will be getting gcc to work well. After that there
should not be too much of the kernel that you would want to try
to write in assembler. I am sure someone will try though :-)

Hope you find this interesting,


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