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SubjectRe: is a user space process capable of generating a /proc filesystem entry?
On Mon, 3 Nov 1997, Adam D. Bradley wrote:

> > I would lilke to have something like /proc/optisafe which
> > could be used to view modify these parameters from the
> > command line.
> >
> > I know you can make kernel device drivers which generate /proc
> > filesystem entries such as /proc/cmdline but since the OptiSAFE
> > device driver would need access to the serial port communications
> > I guess it would rightly belong in user space in which case I
> > don't know if you can generate a proc entry.
> Hmm... this might be a good candidate for a named pipe,
> "/dev/optisafe", in the style of "/dev/lp" and "/dev/initctl". Unless
> someone wants to patch proc so it can support such a beastie.
> Shouldn't be that hard, really...?

An intresting thing would be to change proc so that:

You create a named pipe in the proc directory: /proc/whatever.
You start a daemon on the pipe.. The daemon writes "hello proc" into the
pipe.. Proc says "hello daemon".. Magicly, /proc/whatever becomes a
directory.. all transactions in this directory are forwarded to the
daemon.. So then you get proc like management of userspace daemons, which
is a big plus.. Rember it's always good to have a uniform interface to
controling system paramaters.. And like it or not, something doesn't have
to be part of the kernel to have 'tuneable' system paramaters..

All such things should be kept togeather... However, there is probably a
more elegent solution, any ideas?

Such a interface would lessen the push to move certian things into the
kernel.. and ofcource /proc always has a great wow factor, which this
would increase..

Speaking of wow factor, I've got a story to tell.. I showed a co-worker
Linux for the first time the other day.. He's always used dos/windows and
has never used Unix in any form.. He was quite impressed with Linux (esp.
/proc, which he thought was the best thing since the two button mouse)..

The next day he came into work and told me that he had a dream about
Linux.. He said that I was showing him things, and some 'men-in-black'
came in and wanted to take my computer.. Aparently they thought that it's
power/flexibility/stability where somehow properties unique to it..
Aparently we had to convince them that there were many other computers
running linux out there and it really wasn't that unique..

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