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    SubjectRe: 2.0.29 is it time to upgrade?
    > On 30 Nov, Shaleh wrote:
    > > I am running 2.0.29 on my home workstation. It is a Cyrix 150+ w/ 64m
    > > of RAM and IDE drives. I have a new cd-rom and a soundblaster card. Is
    > > there any reason for me to upgrade to a .3x kernel? Or is my .29 a good
    > > kernel for me? I have been running it for a few months now and all
    > > seems well.
    > If it ain't broke don't fix it...

    Although this is, indeed, a good policy, the .29 -> .30 change was a
    significant step for the networking code. Why not give .32 a try, but
    keep .29 around in case it causes you problems?

    Now, granted, unless you're running a server of some kind, you're not
    going to see any particular performance boost in networking...

    Chris Powell
    Christopher Powell Brick and Ivy Corporate Consulting
    -= A PGP key is available and gladly shared =-

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