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    SubjectRE: Triton DMA

    On 27-Nov-97 Hubert Mantel wrote:
    >there have been rumours about Triton DMA causing filesystem corruption. It
    >seems that these rumours are true. I just got a definite feedback of
    >someone who gets filesystem corruption when copying large amounts of data
    >from an ext2fs to an vfat filesystem. The problem was perfectly
    >reproducible. After disabling the Triton DMA support the problem was gone.

    There are a number of these reports. It appears that with different
    hardware there are different results and I have yet to find any pattern to
    it. All I've been able to do is for people that have problems, recommend
    that they turn the support off and the problem usually goes away.

    >Maybe the default should be changed to "no" for triton DMA. Additionally
    >the should be corrected. Currently it states:
    >"It is safe to say Y to this question".

    I myself would recommend this as well. A note that on some systems this
    causes problems and to disable this support if you see anything strange
    would be wise I think.

    E-Mail: Doug Ledford <>
    Date: 27-Nov-97
    Time: 15:59:32

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