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SubjectRe: Low Memory Systems...
Thomas Pornin <> writes:

> In article <Pine.SOL.3.96.971125063837.11192B-100000@stekt41> you write:
> >I have an 386sx/20MHz/4MB with total HD space (including swap) less than
> >40MB (if i remember right, swap was 6MB and filesystem 26MB). Slackware 3.1
> >with kernel 2.0.0 installed finely there. Though I'd have to compile kernel
> >on another system ;)
> I once saw a 386dx/25MHz/4MB with total HD space (including swap) of 40MB
> compile its own kernel (a 1.2.13 I think). It took less than two days.
> You have to delete some parts of the kernel sources to make some room. I
> believe it would still work with 2.1.65, if you keep only the needed
> sources.

Compiled 2.1.65 on 386DX40/5MB RAM last week. Just for fun.

Worked like a charm. No TCP/IP though.
Posted by Zlatko Calusic E-mail: <>
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