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SubjectOh woe... (was Re: Me too!...)
John Robinson writes ("Me too! Re: [URGENT ASSISTANCE REQUESTED] production machines dying"):
[discussion of panic on 2.0.32 cut]
> This is different from the 2.0.30 3c59x problem, where I discovered
> that the network card hangs temporarily from time to time, causing my
> DPT SmartRAID IV to go 'peep-peep-peep' and wakeable-up by pressing a
> key on the keyboard (that's 2.0.30 with 0.44 of 3c59x), or just wait
> for it to clear.

Aaak! Woe is me... )-8 Now 2.0.32 with 3c59x:v0.46C has done exactly
the same thing!

Right, do I fling this fscking 3Com card in the bucket?

[fx: calm]

I didn't observe this hang problem with 2.0.32 when I had Triton DMA
enabled. Now I'm running the same 2.0.32 without Triton DMA. However,
this is probably irrelevant, my 2.0.30 had Triton DMA enabled and it
did it.

The *only* thing I can still think of is interrupts. My 3c905 is on
IRQ 15, normally (I believe) where the secondary IDE lives, but the
secondary IDE isn't in use (indeed is disabled in the BIOS).

Or, (OK I guess I lied) does the 3c905 not like my Award BIOS? It's
4.50PG IIRC, certainly something like that.

Grr. Having this machine effectively unusable is getting to me,
especially since it ought to run like a dream (read: did apart from
performance with the cheap junk ne2000 clone it had a few months
ago). The frustrating thing is, I'm sure I had a configuration (once
upon a time) where it didn't go peep-peep-peep, it didn't crash, it
just sat there being idle, but then I started playing with 2.0.32.

Many thanks for your help,

John. _ _
-- _ | |___| |_ _ _
John Robinson 46 Bank Street, Dumfries DG1 2PA, UK | |_| / . \ ' \| ' \
+44 1387 247249 \___/\___/_||_|_||_|
You can feel your nerve endings... They've been dead before today --Chris Rea

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