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SubjectRe: fork: out of memory
Date (Alan Cox) writes:

> > Hmm ... FreeBSD gets round this by allowing you to
> > redefine FD_SETSIZE in your own programs before you
> You can do this in Linux. And like in BSDI it doesnt work
> for all cases. the fd_set size is compiled into some libc
> functions (notably NIS stuff). You use fd 0-4093 and nis
> stops working cos its fd is outside its fdset size.
> glibc knows how to handle this right

No, it doesn't. e.g. the DNS resolver will stop working. I grepped 4-5
other usages of select in the sources (including the sunrpc code).
glibc limits you to 1024fds in the fd_set defintition anyways. The
correct way is to either use poll() everwhere or use dynamically allocated
fd_sets internally (that's easy with gcc's dynamic local arrays or
with alloca())


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