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SubjectRe: [URGENT ASSISTANCE REQUESTED] production machines dying (Alan Cox) writes:

>> Kernel panic: skput : over: nnnnnnnn:nnn
>> In swapper task - not syncing
>> I have checked both machines and can find no other error messages as
>> to why it is crashing. I can't recall the exact value of nnnnnnnnn:nnn.

>Those numbers are absolutely critical. Furthermore this is one variant
>of the effects of the "teardrop" fragment attack against Linux/95/NT
>that is fixed in 2.0.32. If you see it with 2.0.32 I -do- want to know

fsck, I've seen it at least _once_ on a complete idle 2.0.32 system
(i486) but didn't write it down.

You'll get the next one I see.

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