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    SubjectRE: Linux 2.0.32 and DEC 21142 Ethernet
    On Tue, 25 Nov 1997, Doug Ledford wrote:

    > On 25-Nov-97 Jos Vos wrote:
    > >Can anyone tell me if the Digital 21142 chip should work fine with
    > >Linux 2.0.32? I'm considering to buy a Digital system with a built-in
    > >21142, but I have serious doubts about the support for this chip in
    > >2.0.x, after searching for information using AltaVista and Dejanews.
    > That's a good question. The de4x5 driver update that went into 2.0.30 (or
    > was it in 2.0.31) was suppossed to add support for these cards, but I can't
    > say myself since I haven't used them.

    Doesn't the tulip-driver support those chips? Way back when I started
    using 21140-based cards some cards worked with one driver, some with the

    The tulip.c source mentions the 21142-chip explicitly as supported.

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