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SubjectRe: vhand-2.1.64... problems solved - but not all ;)
Date (Eugene Crosser) writes:

> [Posted and mailed]
> Rik,
> just to let you know. For me, all 2.1.xx kernels are hanging trying
> to allocate TCP buffers (I reported this problem), and I tried vhand
> patch in the hope that it may help, as it deals with memory management.
> Unfortunately, it did not. I got the system hung with the same
> symptoms in less then 24 hours uptime. Also, perfomance of cpu
> intensive applications (mpg123) dropped noticably with vhand.
> I have a 120MHz 486dx4 w/16Mb, kernel 2.1.63+vhand-2.1.63.
> BTW, Zlatko's patch seemed to cure the hang problem, but after a few
> days, the system freezed anyway at the same place.


Please apply this small patch and see if it solves your problems.
It definitely solved mine. :)


diff -urbBN --exclude-from=exclude linux/mm/slab.c /usr/src/linux/mm/slab.c
--- linux/mm/slab.c Thu Aug 14 05:03:22 1997
+++ /usr/src/linux/mm/slab.c Fri Nov 14 07:44:44 1997
@@ -308,12 +308,12 @@
#define SLAB_MAX_GFP_ORDER 5 /* 32 pages */

/* the 'prefered' minimum num of objs per slab - maybe less for large objs */

/* If the num of objs per slab is <= SLAB_MIN_OBJS_PER_SLAB,
* then the page order must be less than this before trying the next order.

/* Macros for storing/retrieving the cachep and or slab from the
* global 'mem_map'. With off-slab bufctls, these are used to find the
Posted by Zlatko Calusic E-mail: <>
No sense being pessimistic. It wouldn't work anyway.
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