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SubjectRe: Hisax ISDN driver for teles3 cards
> In case it's not been mentioned recently, there's a problem with the
> Hisax ISDN driver for teles3 cards (not sure about others) in 2.1.60
> and 2.1.61. After applying the "hisax-60" patch to take care of the
> irq2dev[] to *dev_id changes, the card still does not respond or
> initialise properly.
> On bootup, I still get "Spurious interrupt!" warnings (one or two,
> it varies) while the card is initialised. It seems to be that when
> the initialisation routine is called the first time, or the first
> two times, the *dev_id pointer is null.

I can't help, but I can confirm your report. I hope that the current
i4l snapshots get integrated into the kernel before the code freeze.
Until then, I stay with 2.1.59 for online activities.


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