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Subject[OFF TOPIC] Re: Korn shell
Southern Dynamite Doug Minton wrote:
> The system I'm running does not have Korn shell on it. Is there a
> patch with just that in it?

Dear Doug,

On Unix machines, the shell is a user mode program, just like any
other program. This mailing list discusses the Linux kernel,
which is the deep internals of the Linux Operating System. User
mode programs and the kernel are very separate creatures.

> The South will not rise again, because it NEVER FELL!!!!

I'm from Australia, so I'm not particularly aligned towards
either side of this North vs. South thingy. But the tone of this
line is quite inflammatory, and might best be kept for email to your
friends, rather than a global mailing list.

We don't see Linus raving about how the Finns took on the Ruskies,
and won, etc.

Just my two cents worth.


PS: For what it's worth, if you're looking for Bourne-shell
compatibility, "bash" is a pretty good choice. YMMV.

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