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SubjectRe: 2.0.32-pre6
On Sun, 16 Nov 1997, Benjamin Redelings I wrote:

> I just downloaded and tested 2.0.32-pre6 six with no troubles on a PPro
> non-SMP system. ^^^^

Well, this unfortunately does _not_ test the F00F debugging code :-(

Could you (and evrybody who has time to do it) please use TEST WISE
the below patch _on top_ of 2.0.32-pre6. ^^^^^^^^^
This will fake a buggy Pentium even on a PPro.

Though you can't test if the F00F bug is catched, the machine does all
the rest of what a Pentium machine would do (e.g. will show if there are
bugs in the code itself).
Please test it then with all kind of debuggers you have.
BTW: the pre-patch is on

Thank you,

--- include/asm-i386/bugs.h.old Fri Nov 14 10:34:57 1997
+++ include/asm-i386/bugs.h Mon Nov 17 12:40:23 1997
@@ -138,7 +138,11 @@
* Pentium and Pentium MMX
pentium_f00f_bug = 0;
+#if 1 /* TEST: set to '1' for testing the f00f code on PPro or above */
+ {
if (x86==5 && !memcmp(x86_vendor_id, "GenuineIntel", 12)) {
printk(KERN_INFO "Intel Pentium with F0 0F bug - workaround enabled.\n");
pentium_f00f_bug = 1;
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