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SubjectRe: Problems with unknown PCI devices (solution)
> UMC8886 - bogomips will report as the clockrate without the multiplier,
> usually 10MHz over. 50MHz reports as 50 to 60 bogomips. This
> varies wildly from boot to boot.

That is bad bad news. The Linux bogomips is a straight and honest performance
loop check. If that is varying wildly then I would have to assume your
real system performance does likewise.

> UMC8887 - bogomips will generally report as the clockrate with multiplier,
> minus the multipler/~2. So, a board running at 150MHz will
> report back between 109 bogomips and 120 bogomips. A board at
> 133MHz (66*2) will report back between 90 and 100 bogomips. This
> stays about the same with maybe 2 or 3 bogomips of difference at
> each boot.

That sounds fairly sane. On this board at least you are getting consistent
benchmarking reports.


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