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SubjectRe: smb fix no-go...
Steven N. Hirsch wrote:
> Bill,
> I applied your patch against 2.1.63, and it does not affect the problem
> with reads failing after file re-open. I went so far as to set the delay
> to 1 * HZ - no luck. To make matters worse, I started seeing problems
> with file _creation_ (as reported by others) when mounting from a third
> machine.
> Please correct me, but I don't understand how you have concluded that the
> problem lies on the server end. We've already seen that the first read
> call never makes it to the smbfs filesystem driver, so how is a
> Windows-based latency to blame? I would think that it is the Linux kernel
> which has not "caught up" with the fact that the file is completely
> written and closed. Can you briefly outline the chain of events?

Hi Steve,
I'm sorry if the patch didn't work out, so let's fall back to the
original plan.

I need you to provide a very detailed debugging log of the events from
when the file is closed after writing, to when iozone says its attempt
to read failed. I want to see all of the system calls and returns, and
the debugging reports of all smbfs routines, if any. (If it truly isn't
making any calls back into the smbfs code, then the problem must lie

I'm assuming only that the Win 3.1 server is somehow different, as the
smbfs code works fine when talking to Win NT.


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