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SubjectRe: MSR driver

> > Why was it criticized? IMHO it's the best solution because it gives
> > all the flexibility of unix permissions for the access control.
> > AFAIK OpenBSD does it the same way.
> >
> Only if you take SMP into account (this applies to all methods.) It's
> no good if on an SMP machine you effectively end up setting MSR's on
> any random processor, which may change without notice.
> We may want to have a "cpu X only" system call (schedule only on a
> specific processor) for things that use per-processor features, such
> as RDTSC.)

What about /dev/msr0, /dev/msr1, /dev/msr2 etc, devices? One for each
CPU. Aha - it might be pretty hard to read msr's from CPU0 while
running at CPU3... Maybe solvable?


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