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SubjectRe: strace on smb/iozone
Steven N. Hirsch wrote:

> Another quick data point. I recompiled iozone with a sleep(1) in between
> close and re-open of the temporary file. We're definitely dealing with a
> race on one end or the other, because this cured the problem with read()
> failing.
> Let me know what you'd like a reading on next?

Hmm, very interesting result. So Win 3.1 has to catch its breath before
it's ready to open the file again ...

That would account for the difference with 2.0.xx smbfs, as the old code
doesn't close the file when the use count goes to 0 -- only when the
inode is deleted.

What would help now is if you could put some more printks into smbfs to
find what call is failing (i.e. how far it gets before Win 3.1 gives
up.) (Probably in file.c for file_open, file_read, etc.) Then I can
kludge up a timeout from closing time and empirically find how long a
rest it needs.


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