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    SubjectRe: 2.1.63 - testing Pentium bug workaround..

    About the pentium-bug fix in 2.1.63:

    When syslogd/klogd is not running, the bug cannot be reproduced.

    When syslogd/klogd is running, running a pentium-bug trigger results in
    the following situation:

    If I'm running X, everything locks up.

    If I'm not running X, the system also stops working after displaying
    the following two lines on the console:
    <handler c01098c0... ...done>

    Pressing ctrl-scrollock reveals the following lines (among others):
    syslogd -11 R current 0 134 1 143 20
    klogd 10 R C1E5DF30 0 143 1 164 134
    pentiumbug 21 R C008B050 0 520 496

    About my system:
    Intel Pentium 133 (as far as I remember)
    Redhat 4.9.1 (glibc2)
    Kernel compiled with egcs-2.90.14p 971023 (I know that I should be
    using a 'stable' gcc for this to be of general interest, but I still
    haven't found out how to have both compilers on my system)

    By the way:
    What's the nature of the bug-workaround? Does it bring down
    performance? (I haven't had time for benchmark tests, and I'm too
    un-used to my current system configuration to be able to feel a

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