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    Subjectmemory leak in 2.1.5x

    I have a very strange problem and no solution for it... My company owns
    couple of unix servers and several of them are running differnt versions
    of linux. The one which is running 2.1.57 runs nicely except for one
    major problem: I have only between 2 nad 3 megs of ram free at almost any
    given time. The box itself has 128 MB of EDO and about 500MB of swap. ON
    that box I have 20 web servers, dns, sendmail nfs and postgress database.
    The box is in test phase right now so it is mostly idle. On an exact
    setup with a kernels older than 2.1.42 it uses about 20% of available ram.
    Kernel is very much basic setup, compiled without any modules and it is
    totaly scsi kernel with ip-aliasing turned on. I am running knfs-0.4.26.

    Did anybody else notice this problem, and do you know what could cause
    such a huge memory leak?


    I've noticed, if the box is totaly idle for about a day I can regain about
    70 MB of free ram , but as soon as I start using the box all of it
    disapears. The box has been up for almost 6 days now.

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