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    SubjectRe: Communicator crash; kill -9 won't remove (pre-10!)
    From the user, apparently this happens in the composer "part" of
    communicator. I'm using 4.03 (professional edition) on a RH4.2 system:

    Also, someone mentioned to me in private mail about the zombie. Yes, there
    is a zombie, but it is a child of the parent communicator which won't die
    with a kill -9:
    [root@vuser ~]$ pstree -p | head -2
    [root@vuser ~]$ kill -9 1629
    [root@vuser ~]$ pstree -p | head -2
    [root@vuser ~]$

    The only thing that I could see happening is that 1629 is stuck in the
    kernel somewhere, no?
    -Rob H.

    On Tue, 7 Oct 1997, Doug Ledford wrote:

    > Not to say there isn't something funny going on with this whole thing, but I
    > know that Netscape's web site points out that various things in the linux
    > communicator are known to have problems. Specifically, there are problems
    > with certain versions of libc. I used communicator with the libc from
    > RedHat-4.0 and RedHat-4.2 and it worked OK. Also, for the dynamically
    > linked version, plug ins are OK, but they crash the statically linked
    > version. FWIW, I also left Java disabled when I was running it (I went back
    > to 3.01 Gold since it seems to work better, can use plug ins, and uses less
    > RAM to boot).

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