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SubjectRe: Solaris
On Mon, 6 Oct 1997, Thomas Pornin wrote:

> By the way, this list is about the linux OS, which has nothing to do
> with Solaris (apart that linux is much better in many points of view).

I would really like to run Solaris binaries on linux. As I undestand it,
Solaris intel binaries are elf, so given the correct libraries, and loader
conventions, it seems that there is a possibility of running Solaris
binaries. According to SunSoft, there are 2500 applications ported to
Solaris Intel (and 10000 applications are ported to Solaris Sparc) so
there is some advantage to emulating Solaris (probably more advantage of
Solaris emulation than SCO emulation at this point).

I have heard that not only can FreeBSD run Solaris binaries, Solaris
binaries often run faster on FreeBSD than on Solaris. It would be nice to
have that functionality under linux (faster or not that either Solaris or

Ed Welbon -
In nature there is neither right or wrong, only consequences.

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