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SubjectLinux install on Laptop PCI device conflict
To whom it may concern
I'm trying to install Linux on my laptop. Its specs are as follows:
P133, 16mbRAM, ATAPI Cd-Rom. Trident Pci Graphics Card, 1gig hdd, Brand:
Spectrum Universe.

I am using the fat32.i bootdsk but have also tried others with the same
results. After loading the ramdisk the bootdsk runs through some
pcibios_init settings and then sais "Probing PCI hardware."
It then gives me the error:
"Warning : Unknown PCI device (1039:5107)."

I am sure that it is not the disks as I have used them before
succesfully. Everything is fine its just conflicting with some PCI
device most likley my graphics card.

Ive looked around and found no patches to cure the problem so I am
hoping someone out there has a solution to this aggravating problem.


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