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SubjectRe: NCPfs still buggy (and crashes netware server)
Bill Hawes <> writes:

> > Another thing is that after a few days with this behaviour, unmounting
> > the ncp filesystem actually crashes the Netware server. So there must
> > be a bug in Novell's software too. :-)
> Hi Tore,
> The "inode in use" message isn't a bug -- it shows that the software has
> detected what was formerly a bug, and is now handling the case
> correctly. I made these changes back in June, working with Troels
> Arvin. At that time he too had a problem with the Novell server
> crashing, which I think went away with a server upgrade. You can
> comment out the message if you like.

I wasn't aware of the meaning of the message, I just took it as an
error message. I installed your patch this summer, and it seemed ok,
but now we're having some heavy traffic on the webserver, and the
netware server is crashing every now and then. Unmounting the web
ncpfs after some days uptime is guaranteed to crash the Novell server.

Surprise, fear, and a ruthless dedication to the Gnu!

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