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SubjectRe: Unix domain sockets being slooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww
> > > with low contention cases use spinlocks, shared memory and signals. The
> > > locks are arch specific, but thats easily localised
> >
> > Signals are _very_ slow way of notifying the other one that he has
> > some data. And shared memory does not allow me to do safe messaging
> > between different users. Too bad.
> personally (in userspace) I use spinlocks (SMP ones :) and shared memory
> (and volatile variables when necessary) to handle memory locking in
> multiple threads... should work for SysV-shared memory too :)

Well - you depend on assumption that everyone in shared memory area
behaves correctly. And I do not want to depend on that. I would like
to build generic message-passing (and then build something more on
that); unix domain sockets would be very good for me, but they are
slow and I do not understand why. Too much time is spend in


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